Pioneer Plastic SUP


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Including Paddle & Ankle Leash

Stand up paddle (SUP) board. The sport is held on lakes, large rivers and canals or even open ocean. Paddlers navigate river rapids and ride waves standing up on the board, manoeuvring from left to right by shifting weight and using the paddle for sharper turns.
Gliding on open flat water with only the paddle as the propulsion equipment. The SUP board is equipped with a paddle, and accessories like ankle leashes can also be provided and attached. Easy to store and transport; Perfect for surfing and open water gliding. Light weight, Extremely stable and durable with UV8 Stability.

Length 9.51″ 2.90m
Width 32.7″ 83cm
Height 9.8″ 250cm
Weight 46lbs 21kg
Capacity 330lbs 150kg


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