Shimano Corvalus CLV 400


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All round casting, jigging, trawling & kayak 200-300m

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It doesn’t matter what you’re doing-start with a solid base, and everything you build on it will be better. So we started the Corvalus with a one-piece diecast aluminium frame that will stand up in battle. With Super-stopper anti-reverse for solid hooksets, and our Variable Braking System (VBS) for easy casts, there will always be a place for Corvalus in your armoury.
A versatile multiplier with built in level wind, it is ideal for freshwater trolling and can also cast & retrieve an array of lure styles in the medium to heavy category. The Variable Brake System (VBS) keeps overruns to a bare minimum, and the Ergonomic thumb bar spool release allows instant casting to moving targets or quick release when trolling.

Additional Features:
• One Piece Diecast Aluminium Frame
• Variable Brake System (VBS)
• Super Stopper
• Assist Stopper
• Non-Disengaging Level wind System (400 & 401 only)
• Two Post Quick Take Down
• Rubber Handle Grip
• Clicker (400 & 401 only)
• Aluminium Side plates
• Aluminium Spool
• Metal Series
• Approved for use in Saltwater
• Rated for use with Mono, Fluorocarbon and PowerPro lines

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