Shimano Spheros SP10000SW


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Surf, boat & inshore jigging entry level high end features-Increased drag ratios for GT & Tuna

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The Spheros SW is Shimano’s entry level saltwater spinning reel and contains many features found on high end models like X-ship gearing for maximum winding power, hybrid X-Shield body, XGT-7 X-Protect rotor and Super Stopper II. Available in five sizes the versatile 5000, 6000 and 8000 sizes are perfect for casting, spinning and vertical jigging, whilst the larger 10000 and 20000 sizes have increased line capacities and drag ratings making them suitable for big game fish like tuna and GT’s. All sizes have AR-C cold forged aluminium spools for excellent casting performance and strength. The Spheros SW is the perfect first time salt water spinning reel or for use as a safety back-up for anglers with more expensive models.

Gear Ratio 4.9:1
Mx Drag 33lb / 14.968kg
4 S A-RB Shielded Stain Steel Ball Bearings
1 Roller Bearings
Dyna Balance Anti-Wobble System
Oversized Power Roller
Propulsion Line Management System
X Ship Aluminium Gear
Varispeed 2 Oscillating System
Fluidrive 2 Gearing System
Direct Drive Mechanism
X Shield Water Resistance System
Paladin Gear Durability Enhancement

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