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Fin-Drive single seater Pioneer Kayak. We supply the kayak with a paddle, paddle leash, seat, rudder & steering system with the Fin-Drive pedal system. The kayak comes standard with large hatch in front and large cargo area on the rear. Standard equipment is the rudder system with hand steering, carry handles on side and carry handles front and rear. Four Flush fishing rod holders are also part of the unit, This makes it a great fishing platform as it is also VERY stable in the water due to width and hull design. Length 3.65m. Width 0.88m, Weight 43kg and carry capacity 180kg. Sliding rails are provided for attachment of rod holders and pre-moulded motor mounts are provided as well. The fish finder transducer recess is also protected against objects damaging the unit on the bottom. The Find-Drive’s comfortable fold up seat can be fully adjusted for reach and comfort to pedal the kayak with ease. This kayak is recommended for fishing in open water (Ocean) fresh water, rivers, dams and estuaries. The ease of removing the Fin-Drive system allows one to go in shallow water with a paddle as well. Pioneer Kayak has UV8 stability for the African sun and is extremely durable, manufactured with LLDPE rotational moulding process.


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